HOIT courses are arranged as per client's request. Contact us to arrange a time that suits you best, either in Pretoria or Cape Town. Discount rates may be arranged for groups of more than 4 candidates.

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Cost of this 2-day course: USD 900 (incl.) pp

The aim and objectives of the HOIT training are to equip the candidate with the initial knowledge, understanding and skills required to  perform the roles of offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) and Helideck Assistant (HDA) safely and effectively.

Who should attend this course?

Any person appointed or interested in being appointed to the role of either HLO or HDA. This course is a mandatory precursor for both HLO and HDA, before any candidate can be directed into one of these disciplines. 

What are the benefits for attendees?

  • Increased knowledge and awareness of basic structures, operations and legal standards of helidecks and helicopter landing requirements. 
  • Increased safety levels of all helideck operations.
  • Enhanced reputation and minimised exposure to risk for the operating company.

What does the course cover?

This 2-day certified course, which fully complies with OPITO standards and requirements, provides the prospective HDA and HLO with a comprehensive and in-depth insight into the legal and practical intricacies of helideck offshore operations with emphasis on helideck hazards and management systems as well as the HLO and HDA responsibilities during helicopter landing and departure on both attended and unattended installations.

More specifically, the course includes but is not limited to:

Module 1: Offshore Helideck Regulations and Guidelines

  • UKCAA UKCAP 437 (Amended Edition 8)
  • ICAO Heliports Manual
  • National Regulatory Requirements (as applicable)

Module 2: Helicopter and Helideck Hazards and Management Systems

2.1 Introduction to Helideck Crew
2.2 Offshore Helideck Landing Areas
2.3 Helideck Equipment and Systems
2.4 Helicopter and Helideck Hazards
2.5 Helicopter Refuelling Awareness

Module 3: HLO responsibilities during Helicopter Landing and Departure

3.1 The Role and Responsibilities of the HLO and HDA
3.2 HLO checks, procedures and communications during Helicopter Operations

Module 4: Supervision of Passengers and Cargo Handling

4.1 The supervision of Cargo Handling

4.2 The supervision of Passenger Handling

Module 5: Normally Unattended Installations (NUI's)

5.1 HLO and HDA responsibilities on a NUI.

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